Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Workplace Leadership - like Jesus would ..

Sticking with Jesus

As a leader I want to rather stick with Jesus and His principles than to follow man.  We work for God anyway to show His glory and not for man.

My writing is based on humility and not pride, keeping our feet on the foundation that Jesus has laid for our lives.  Proverbs 11:2 warn us that if we are full of pride and stuck-up we will fall flat on our faces, but if we are humble and down to earth we will stand firm.


We can still be assertive and be strong leaders when we lead with humility - power and pride is a dangerous avenue!

  • We must always look at the needs of our fellow staff members.  An autocratic management style is not healthy for any organisation.  Loving others should become naturally - people are desperately seeking acceptance and are in need of love and leaders should be helping people through difficult times.  We should teach, lead, coach  and correct with love.  
  • Leading should not be about making a name for ourselves or hurting others to be at the top but we have to make sure we stay grounded on the good foundation that Jesus has laid for us.  We should never hurt the ones that are weaker than us. We must always be reminded that Jesus never exalted Himself.
  • Whatever important decisions we make as leaders, we should never compromise our values and we should always tap into the godly resources the Holy Spirit makes available to us and always be people of integrity and be trustworthy.
  • Always think - how would Jesus do my job - then act!
  • Transformation : How amazing that if we tap into those amazing resources that Jesus so freely make available to us as leaders, we will always be transformed and our work, family, friendships and our lives will just become more meaningful.
  • Everyday at work we can start fresh with new GRACE from Jesus not dwelling on the "yesterdays".  New mercies every day!
  • A shepherd will lay down his life for his flock, serve and sacrifice. That is how we should be with our employees daily.  You will get a lot of respect from your employees and they will do so much more for you when you as a leader respect them.
  • We must never break the rules of our company and we need to be the examples and always respect those in authority.
We will face many challenges and also be criticized as Christian leaders but we need to know when to stay silent (be still and know that I am God) and also when to stand up for our values. 
Always remember if you don't have people you are leading, you are still a leader. We are leaders leading from the heart of Jesus.  I pray that God will guide your heart as you lead to show His glory on a daily basis. Amen.

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