Saturday, 2 January 2016

TRUST beyond measure ..


God gave us a phenomenal principal in Proverbs 3: 5&6 that we must trust in Him with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding, we must acknowledge Him in all of our ways and He shall direct our paths!

Normally in the beginning of each year I would set goals for the year and refresh my 'soft skills' so I can become a better person, but in the beginning of 2015 the first and only thing on my heart was "to trust in God fully no matter what".  It was as if God was already preparing my heart for a difficult year. Yes, I think God was just preparing me for what was to come.  A lot of changes and turmoil - but - God is reinforcing in my heart that I must trust Him no matter what.  I am reminded by the Spirit on a daily basis that I have to focus my eyes on Him as He has my heart and life in His hands. Yes it is true that we can't always see where the road leads and what storms are up ahead, BUT God promises that He will always be with us through those storms and that something will be better up ahead if we just keep our trust in Him and God does have a firm grip on us His children, even if we can't feel it, we just need to TRUST!  But I must also admit that even with all the storms I still feel blessed.  I am still grateful for all that God has blessed me and my family with, the things we can't buy or put a prise on, those are the most important things, our senses, our health, the love we have for one another and for me most of all would be having Jesus in my life. 

God loves me and He loves you and He has ALL the power above and beyond, even during our storms, all the power belongs to Him so whom shall we fear.  Greater is He who is in me than the one in the world.  

We must not put our trust in man as they will hurt and fail us, but Jesus said that apart from Him we can do nothing (John 15:5).  Even in our places of work, we must work as we work for God and Him alone and put our trust only in Him.  

I do believe when believers look back at their lives they will see how God has carried them, even during the biggest storms.  I can see in my own life, how He carried me and made me stronger - the most awesome thing is He will never stop, not for me and not for you.  Just trust in Him no matter what!  So as we enter 2016, always know that God is within us, above us, beneath us, next to us and He will give us the strength to get through another year and make a difference for His glory in the process.

Isaiah 49:23 "She who trusts in the Lord will never be disappointed"

Father God thank you for loving us so unconditionally and allowing us to trust you implicitly!

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